Crash Course: Leadership In a Remote First World – Signed Copy


A signed paperback copy of the book delivered right to your door!



Are you a new leader looking for a simple method for success? Perhaps you’re struggling with leading a remote team and don’t understand why things aren’t working like they used to, or like you want them to? Looking to put the fun back into work? Look no further. Jeff Torello shares his proven techniques for building and operating teams, remotely or in-person, in a direct, easy to follow style with humorous stories and anecdotes to keep your attention. Over his 30-year career Jeff has been exposed to a variety of leadership styles and approaches. He’s taken those key learnings and boiled them down into the key concepts described here.

In around 100 pages you will discover:

  • How to lead with Trust, Respect, & Empowerment
  • The power behind making informed decisions
  • Embracing risk taking and learning from mistakes
  • How to Win & Have Fun!

If you want to perfect the skills needed to become an agile servant leader and learn how to foster an environment that enables high performance delivery in the 21st Century, even when working in a remote first or hybrid environment, then this is the book for you!